The papyri of Iosea said the first three decades of life Yehoshua ben Joseph (commonly known as Jesus of Nazareth), a jew, with half of those years Gamala lives in a city of the Golan, working as a carpenter and living with his family and his girlfriend Joses.
Twenty years, however, a visit to Jerusalem's life will change forever from that moment and embark on a journey both geographical and interior in search of himself and of the truth.
After going through his mind, his heart and his soul will reach its light: "Just loving every living being that inhabits the earth
and sacrificing their lives for it we can return the original
balance the nature of things. "With this new awareness decides to bring the new message
to all peoples of the world by teaching them that each of us can save the world from the evil that plagues because:

"Not is God who is love, but love makes us God!"