<<I have a dream: to save the world with the Hague cinema!>> I believe in the potential and talent in so many professional and amateur art film that because of the lack of facilities, cultural and economic freedom can not express their potential, especially in a land, like the Sicilian one, full of ideas, traditions, arts, scenic landscapes that could be the starting center for the whole "Italy film. "
So I appeal to those who share this passion with me for the big screen and we can give this dream:
"Dear producers are able to create without much own anything except the passion and professionalism that inhabits our hearts and lives in our minds. These little video, these new images, the talents that come from this ambitious project are witness to a will to do well and to communicate strong emotions to people and shake it to impress her with the magic that only the extraordinary world of celluloid can give. "
If no manufacturer is interested in the project area will be up to you fans of the show that dreams come true!
Because thanks to the possibilities offered today by my digital elements as is to propose the production of this epic film with the shares to the production itself, where every artist, every engineer, every person involved in the project will contribute to it, getting in exchange for economic compensation, a percentage of production of the film or simply the production associated with the possibility to participate directly in the production of feature film and home video to receive emails a copy of completed film.

Salvo Campisano